HKT is one of the most well-known mobile phone accessories company in Pakistan. It was started in 1999 with the name of HONG KONG TELECOM. The name of HKT is a substantial part of a group. A group of brothers those believe in WE Philosophy they do not believe in I approach. This group work as a unitary body stays together. They owned CLUB MOBILES, OPhone, MOBO International and MOBO Telecom as a warranty companies. We work with Samsung Mobile as a official partner for 3 years. The target market of CLUB mobiles & OPhone is saturated all over the Pakistan. The products mix of CLUB MOBILES consists of 42 models. They have distribution of SAMSUNG mobiles all over the Pakistan. They are selling 40 models of SAMSUNG at the moment all over the Pakistan in their distribution ownership with professional excellence. MOBO international is providing after sale service for CLUB mobiles, OPhone and SAMSUNG mobiles. HKT is increasing its market shares rapidly as compare to its competitor so it is considered to be the most growing mobile phone accessories company in telecom industry. As we know telecom industry is the most lucrative and growing industry in Pakistan so we are targeting to cater mass market all over the Pakistan. We are facing intense competition in Pakistan because of innovation. We are not approaching our customer just to sell and gain profit. Our believes is to be on top in the telecom sector by offering competitive reasonable prices with best quality as well as services also. Our selling concept not only gaining profit and satisfying our customer but also retaining the customer in the best regard. We offer favorable credit terms, discounts, gift hampers and other promotional material to our customer. Our employees are the intellectual property of the company and we take care of them in the best regard by offering them reasonable salaries and providing them healthy and safe working environment. HKT's highly committed, experienced and professional management team injects vigor and excellence in every function of the business. They carry a determined 'Yes We Can' attitude, working across organizational and cultural boundaries to achieve extraordinary performance for meeting the high expectations of customers. We are selling innovative best quality product with competitive price. We have wide access to our customer because of strong distribution channels. Our Vision To be the most competent, innovative, customer and employee oriented company in telecom industry. To improve the everyday life of our customer. We are now selling well-known international brands like REMAX, ROMOSS, XIAOMI MI, ROCK, JABEES, EMIE, BASEUS, JOYROOM, XUNDD, G-CASE, X-LEVEL and many more. Our mission is to provide High "Quality Mobile Phone Accessories" with reliability.

• The customer's demand and loyalty are our foremost priorities

• We strive to meet our goals with full devotion, commitment, dedication and strength of human resources. We are providing unique and innovative mobile accessories which deliver measurable values to our customers, it helps to earn life time loyalty of our customer.